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Create fun photomontages


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Pho.to Lab is a really fun photo editing tool thanks in large part to its easy to use interface, which makes creating spectacular montages and transforming your images into something completely new an absolute breeze.

You can take any picture you have stored on your device and put it through the application, applying any of the special filters that are available. These range from classic filters that enhance the photo’s color or sharpness, to those that enable you to become a character in a Hollywood movie.

With only three touches to the screen, you can add your face to a Naavi (from the movie Avatar), a medieval knight, a motorist, or even Rambo himself.

Pho.to Lab is an editing application that leans more towards making fun pictures than to the process of touching up the photo itself. It is ideal to create avatars or user icons, but if you want to improve the appearance of a normal photograph, it may be better find another, more serious application.